Frank Baker

In 1987, Frank joined the Orange County (Orlando, FL) Public School System as an administrator in the areas of Instructional TV/Distance Education. While there, he collaborated with both Time Warner Cable and The Orlando Sentinel (NIE) to bring media literacy education to teachers and students. Upon returning to South Carolina in 1997, Frank taught a college level media literacy course for educators and developed a nationally recognized media literacy resource website. He assisted the SC State Department of Education's English Language Arts team in revising the state teaching standards to include elements of media literacy. Frank is the author of "Coming Distractions: Questioning Movies," "Political Campaigns & Political Advertising: A Media Literacy Guide," "Media Literacy in K-12 Classrooms, and "Close Reading The Media" (all of which can be found here: He maintains the education resource website The Media Literacy Clearinghouse ( Frank is a 2019 recipient of the Global Media and Information Literacy (MIL) Awards by the UNESCO-led Global Alliance for Partnership on Media and Information Literacy (GAPMIL).

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