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Equip is a professional development platform that engages educators in hands-on PD and enables them to:

  • Integrate digital literacy, STEM, and computer science into student learning.
  • Foster meaningful and high-impact learning experiences online.
  • Create a culture of innovation among educators.

The PD is delivered via a digital platform that is free to all, which is central to equip’s mission to promote equity in digital learning experiences.


What Equip Provides

All the content is actionable and designed to support educators who want to implement change in the experience of students. In addition, the PD is asynchronous and individualized so educators can guide what, how, and when they learn.

Equip includes live webinars, classroom-ready lesson plans, tactical guides, email courses, fireside chats with experts, and industry research. Many of the resources have both online and offline options, and we also host live events in which educators can network and collaborate with peers.

The resources are community-sourced, so the strategies are classroom-tested and proven to work. We feature educators who are experts in the fields of online learning, teacher training, and career readiness, for example. As such, equip is a hub for educators to amplify their insights and experience in support of other educators.


How Equip Supports Your Team

The rapid transition to online learning has accentuated the need for students to have digital skills so they can effectively learn in virtual environments, from joining remote classrooms to creating digital-first projects. Now, as much of the 2020-2021 school year looks to be blended-learning centric, these skills are critical for continuity of instruction and the efficacy of student learning.

Professional development on equip addresses the very challenges expressed by educators because the resources are community-sourced; in this way, they are also tested and proven by educators. The downloadable resources afford immediate access to high-quality guides and easy-to-implement lesson plans, and the interactive virtual events foster community-building opportunities.

PD on equip gives educators the confidence to use technology:

  • To transform the learning experience.
  • To develop foundation digital skills so students can succeed online.
  • To integrate STEM, computer science, and digital literacy into instruction
  • To challenge students to conceive of new and innovative ways to seek knowledge, demonstrate learning, and create in the increasingly online classroom.

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How to Get Involved

equip is an editorial featuring the innovative work of educators doing the work to teach, prepare, and empower students to thrive in a connected and digital world. If you are interested in submitting an article, we'd love to work with you!

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