Marco Arreola

Marco Arreola started teaching Design and Business Technology at Goodrell Middle School in Des Moines, Iowa 5 years ago. His participation in the 2019 Google Cloud Next conference in San Francisco helped him realize how important it is for students to have access to technology and resources so that they do not fall behind in a quickly advancing world. He has a passion for teaching students of diverse backgrounds to become well informed and engaged 21st century citizens. He not only presents students with current technological resources but provides students with strategies to explore technology in a safe and meaningful way. Marco believes that today's generation has the potential to learn far more than any other generation, but they need to know how to get that information and how to distinguish the good information from the bad. He runs the school newspaper and yearbook where students showcase some of the skills they have learned in his class. Beyond technology he also coaches soccer and the debate team.

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