Millions of students across the United States have transitioned to distance learning environments in a matter of days. 

As this transition happens, educators are completely redesigning curriculum and instruction and optimizing teaching practices for this new environment.  

To enable educators to quickly set their class up for distance learning success, this guide features strategies from digital communication expert, A. Lee Judge, and eLearning designer, Nicasia Anzalone Caires, to deliver remote instruction, engage students, and reach out to parents and families at a safe social distance

This guide was repurposed from our webinar, How to Set Your Class Up for Distance Learning Success, which you can download here.  

To help you launch your distance learning plan, we will address the following topics: 

  • Configuring Your Distance Learning Tech Stack  
  • Developing Communication Strategies for Your Distance Learning Environment 
  • Optimizing Instruction for a Virtual Medium 

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