Computational thinking moves students from users of technology to creators with technology. At its core, computational thinking encompasses complex problem-solving by which students analyze and visualize data and experiment with and amplify solutions. 

Beyond the functional application of technology to solve and create, computational thinking also cultivates a mindset that imbues experimentation—perseverance, growth, and collaboration. And these competencies feed social and emotional learning (SEL). Indeed, as schools and districts continue to prioritize SEL, computational thinking is a meaningful program to support students’ social and emotional growth. 

In this webinar, Jeff Meyer, Director of Education for, and Naomi Veak, Training Manager, will:

  • Demystify computational thinking and the mindset it encourages;
  • Illustrate the connections between computational thinking and social and emotional learning;
  • Share ideas to foster the connection between developing social and emotional learners and computational thinking;
  • Provide resources to start teaching computational thinking in ways that support social and emotional learning.

About the Presenters

Jeff Meyer Headshot

Jeff Meyer is the Director of Education for and resident product expert for their digital literacy solutions. Jeff has 35 years of experience working in education as a public-school teacher and coach, district curriculum and technology director, and administrator. He is passionate about the need to transform education using data-based, inquiry-driven approaches and digital resources, especially with urban students and educators. He works to identify best practices for internal and external audiences.

Naomi Veak Headshot
Naomi Veak is the Lead Training Manager at She served in several capacities within public education, including voluntarily creating and running an after-school tutoring program, working as a paraprofessional, and several years teaching middle school math and science. Naomi has a Master's in Education, and has done graduate level work in Teaching Adult Learners.

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