In many school districts today, digital literacy – and technology skills more generally – are not being systematically taught; but digital literacy skills are vital to cultivating future-ready students.  

To better prepare students with these skills and advance elementary and middle school technology curriculum – so it helps students become digitally literate – standards, online assessments, and various initiatives have been developed.  

In this on-demand webinar, Jeff Meyer, Director of Education from, dives into the variety of ways digital literacy and technology skills can be easily integrated into core instruction to help schools meet the expectations of these. Meyer covers: 

  • Core subject area standards that require students to demonstrate digital literacy skills; 
  • Ideas for incorporating these essential digital literacy skills into core subject areas; 
  • Strategies to evaluate the effectiveness of digital literacy programs. 

Elementary and middle school teachers, technology coordinators, library media specialists, and school administrators will benefit from this recorded session. Learn how to incorporate critical digital literacy skills into core subject areas. 

Keep Learning! Download our eBook, The Technology Coordinator's Guide to Building a Digital Literacy Program.

About the Presenter

Jeff Meyer Headshot

Jeff Meyer is the Director of Education for and resident product expert for their digital literacy solutions. Jeff has 35 years of experience working in education as a public-school teacher and coach, district curriculum and technology director, and administrator. He is passionate about the need to transform education using data-based, inquiry-driven approaches and digital resources, especially with urban students and educators. He works to identify best practices for internal and external audiences.

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