Make Computational Thinking a Social and Emotional Learning Experience

Social and emotional learning is an approach to education that focuses on cultivating persistence, empathy, mindfulness, and relationship skills, as well as mindsets that promote curiosity and self-regulation.

How a Teacher Uses Design Thinking to Make Real-World Connections

When I think of a fifth-grade classroom, I think of excited nine and ten-year-old students eager to share their voices, thoughts, and ideas. Sometimes they just want to talk, and that is okay if we can engage them in a productive learning...

What You Need to Know About Computational Thinking (in under 10 min)

What is computational thinking? Problem solving. More specifically, computational thinking is a set of skills and processes that enable students to navigate complex problems.

Grow Student Creativity and Other 21st Century Skills with Coding

Computer programming, a.k.a. coding, used to be something done only by those in-the-know involving complex strings of characters and more than a bit of magical mystique.

Three Technology Tools to Engage Students with the 5 Cs of Education

Children from a young age are exposed to technology, whether it is using a gaming console such as an Xbox or Playstation, interacting on the Internet, or using a mobile device or tablet. Today, it is expected we integrate technology into...

The Science of Learning, Memory Science, and Your Classroom

It is no secret that the nature of teaching and learning is changing. With rapidly advancing technology, schools are now preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet. To do so, schools are focusing on the long-term competencies and skills...